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Hot Air Balloon Safaris

hot air balloon safarisNow that you have signed up for the adventure activity of a lifetime you may be wondering what you might expect on the day of your balloon safari.

First off, you can expect to get up pretty early, as you are required to meet at your flight venue one hour before sunrise. Balloons need stable winds to operate effectively and the hours just following sunrise are the best for finding these winds. Weather plays a big role because balloons move with the air and, as such, plays a bit role in whether the pilot will decide to fly or not. Once it has been established that it is indeed a good day for flying, the pilot will chose a launch site to use where the wind currents are suitable to fly towards a decent landing site.

As for clothing, we recommend that participants dress comfortably in the type of clothing you would normally wear to go on a recreational walk, taking into account the weather on the day of the flight. Women normally feel more comfortable in long pants and you will find that layered clothing is a better option than a heavy coat. Wear flat-soled shoes and choose top clothing made of cotton, rather than synthetic fibres. Taller passengers may also bring a hat if they are concerned about radiant heat from the balloon’s burners.

At Pilanesberg you will be transferred into the park by game drive vehicle to the launch site where there will be ample opportunity to take photos. At our Magaliesburg venue you will enjoy some refreshments and taking pictures whilst watching the balloon being inflated. After about half an hour the pilot will call on you to board.

The flight will last approximately one hour. At the landing point, the crew will pack the envelope and the basket whilst sparkling wine is being served. You will then return to breakfast and receive your flight certificate.

That is basically all you need to know before you go on balloon safari. Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any further questions pertaining to this adventure activity.

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